William Peck, AIA

Before becoming an architect, William "Bill" Peck spent time in the field as a trim carpenter and construction manager. Today, that experience and knowledge is put to use on a regular basis in his designs and field supervision. Bill began working in the architectural field in 1982. In 1995, he founded William Peck & Associates Architects (WPA) in Old Town Lewisville.

Designing homes from 800 square feet to 14,000 square feet, Bill has worked as architect, construction supervisor and consultant for numerous individual and corporate clients. He specializes in sustainable or green commercial/residential building practices.

In 1997, he designed and built a 7000 square foot Tarrant County home - the largest home to qualify for the power company's energy rebate that year. He is well versed on the practical applications of green building - including passive cooling strategies and radiant barriers. His expertise is seen in his designs of sustainable homes that blend in with the community.

Bill's unique combination of energy-efficient and accessible designs received the attention of the Denton County Senior Services Group who appointed him to the Senior Housing Task Force. He was also awarded Best Architectural Design at the Fort Worth Kaleidoscope of Homes.

Working with the University of North Texas as a Faculty Associate, Bill is dedicated to educating city officials and the general public in the benefits of sustainable, energy efficient, design and building. A knowledgeable speaker on green, sustainable design and building, Bill has given educational talks on green building throughout North Texas and Mexico.

Bill has served as a member of numerous committees within the architectural and design community including:

  • American Institute of Architects
  • Appointed to Lewisville Old Town Revitalization Committee
  • Appointed to Lewisville Old Town Design Review Committee
  • Appointed to Denton County Senior Housing Task Force
  • Founding member of the Sustainable Living Council
  • Old Town Preservation Society, President
  • Habitat for Humanity, Board of Directors (ten year term)
  • National Trust for Historic Preservation
  • Trietsch Memorial UMC Building Committee Member (two terms)
  • Eagle Scout Association

WPA has designed a number of homes for senior housing and accessed challenged clients. In the Old Town Lewisville Historic District, WPA completed the revitalization of ten Main Street projects helping to bring business and life back into the area. WPA also designed and developed a 17-home low income housing neighborhood that promoted community living including front porches looking on the community's playground and picnic area.

WPA is committed to working with local non-profit organizations to improve their facilities and provide affordable, energy-efficient housing. More than 200 WPA projects can be found throughout Texas, New Mexico and Colorado.

Maria Isohanni, LEED AP, Assoc. AIA

Maria is a motivated, detail-oriented professional with practical, technical and theoretical skills in all areas of architecture, from construction and renovation to urban planning.

She has a Master of Architecture from University of Oulu, Finland, 1990. Among a wide range of jobs during and after studies she worked for Technical Research Center of Finland, focusing on energy efficient and sustainable renovation projects. After graduation she was an interior instructor at the Arts and Crafts School of Lybecker, Finland, and an assisting architect with two architectural firms in Helsinki, Finland, before moving to Texas in 2004.

Joining WPA in 2004 as an Associate Architect and Project Manager, Maria's unique background and hands on work in the field has made her a perfect match for the firm. Commitment to designing unique projects that fit the clients' needs and the challenge of making them sustainable / energy efficient can be seen in Maria's work.

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